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Maqbool Patel named CTO of health company VitalEngine

Birmingham, AL August 2021 — VitalEngine is pleased to announce that Maqbool Patel has joined the company effective July 30th as Chief Technology Officer. Although his most recent experience was as CTO at Innova Zones, a data management and product procurement company, the majority of Maqbool’s IT experience has been in healthcare. After obtaining a Ph.D. in imaging from Drexel University, Maqbool was on the forefront of medical image management software when he was a part of the GE team that developed the PACs system more than 20 years ago.  

Maqbool’s relationship to VitalEngine actually spans many years. In fact, he wrote the original code for Founder Dr. Philip Johnson to help get the concept off the ground. Maqbool also worked with VitalEngine’s CEO Alston Noah at a previous company, Vincari (acquired by Nuance in 2019), as CTO.  

As VitalEngine has seen rapid growth in the past 6 months, Alston was eager to have Maqbool join the executive team. “We are excited to have Maqbool join our team. Maqbool’s healthcare expertise covers a wide spectrum from legacy systems to cutting-edge cloud applications. His past experiences demonstrate his leadership will provide a clear vision for our highly scalable care coordination platform. He joins an existing engineering team and product team, led by Byron Lagrone and Reid McKenzie respectively, which deploy physician, patient and virtual care team functionality.  We welcome Maqbool to our team!” 

When asked why the timing was right for Maqbool to officially rejoin VitalEngine, he replied that he was ready to return to healthcare. “I feel like I can contribute a lot to healthcare. I have a lot of doctors and healthcare providers in my family and I think some of the biggest challenges in healthcare can be solved by IT systems. This can impact the overall health system and it benefits patients, providers and everyone else. What VitalEngine is doing excites me because we can solve problems that affect real people.” 

Dr. Patel is also a faculty member at UAB where he enjoys being in the classroom to meet and train the next generation of IT problem solvers. 

VitalEngine is a revolutionary cloud-based medical collaboration platform created to improve communication and information exchange within the healthcare industry. With multiple features including a state-of-the-art communication manager, powerful medical image exchange, referral management system, workflow management tool and enhanced telemedicine platform, VitalEngine’s goal is to increase productivity and improve efficiencies that ultimately allow physician practices to focus more on the patient. The VitalEngine platform was created by practicing physicians who know how important it is for referring physicians to have a simple, streamlined, HIPAA compliant way to communicate and exchange information with their referral centers and to stay connected to their patients.