Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I sign-up for VitalEngine?

    You’ll find a self sign-up form on our homepage and mobile version. Once you’ve registered with your business email, our team will verify your hospital or clinic affiliation to allow access to secured PHI. Then, we’ll send you a confirmation email with your user ID and password. An account manager will also get in touch to offer assistance with your onboarding experience.

  • What are the benefits to a patient to use VitalEngine?

    The VitalEngine patient app, VERA, enables patients to retain copies of medical records and images for themselves or loved ones. Physicians and imaging facilities can transmit medical information directly to VERA, allowing safe storage on a smartphone. Here’s a round-up of additional benefits patients receive:

    • Organize important medical images for quick retrieval, when needed.
    • Easily look up physician contact information.
    • Share health care information with family members or caregivers.
    • Provide health information and images to providers.
    • Keep track of medical history and prescription information.
  • How is VitalEngine priced?

    VitalEngine offers three tiers of pricing, from free to enterprise, our most feature-rich platform.

    The majority of our users are affiliated with hospital systems or large clinics. For these clients, VitalEngine operates as a hub and spoke model, with hospitals or clinics as the paying hub. Cost is dependent on the number of service lines that will use the platform. Providers that refer to these hospitals are invited to use the platform at no cost. For example, referring physicians that send patients to a proceduralist at a paying hub can use our platform for free.

  • What kind of medical images can I upload?

    Any DICOM image (CT scans, PET scans, MRIs, Cath images, Echos, X-Rays) and or JPEG/PNG images.

  • Can data and messages be exported for internal archiving or reviewing?

    Yes, referrals can be exported as a PDF. DICOM images can be downloaded or pushed to a PACS system with a VPN connection.

  • Who else besides my staff has access to my patients’ information?

    We adhere to HIPAA standards for the security and privacy of patients. Only the individuals that you choose will be able to access confidential information.

  • What are the minimum operating systems to use VitalEngine?

    Desktop: The minimum version supported is Mac OS 10.11 (El Capitan) or Windows 7.

    Web: Use any modern browser with updates, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Brave and Microsoft Edge. Note: Google Chrome is preferred.

    Mobile Devices: The minimum operating system is IOS 11.0 and later or Android 4.4 and later.

  • Can patient images be shared outside the network?

    Definitely! Images can be shared with any individual, whether VitalEngine user or not. Providers can share images with patients, who can then share these images with other healthcare professionals.

How To's
  • How do I send a referral?

    Referrals can be sent quickly and easily through Referral Manager to a specific physician or an entire team. Your referral format can range from basic patient information with a personal message to an extensive patient history with multiple images. Additional information can be added at any time. This functionality is available on all versions, desktop, web, and smartphone.

  • How do I invite someone to use VitalEngine?

    All versions of our software — desktop, web and smartphone — feature a one-click email option to invite others to use VitalEngine.

  • How do I schedule a telemedicine appointment with a patient?

    First, create the patient’s chart in VitalEngine with a name, date of birth and cell phone number and/or email address. Then, you can schedule the appointment with a few clicks. The patient is notified via text and/or email and can easily access their virtual appointment without any additional downloads.

  • How do I share records and images with a patient?

    Your patient will need a user account on the VitalEngine Patient app. You can easily set one up for them, if necessary. Then, on your VitalEngine platform, add the records and images you wish to share to the patient’s chart. This information will automatically populate on the patient’s login.

  • How do I customize a whiteboard?

    When you sign up for VitalEngine, your service line chooses a Facility Administrator(s). Collaborate with your Facility Administrator to customize your whiteboards.

  • How do I upload an image?

    DICOM images can be uploaded on the homepage of the VitalEngine desktop application or directly pushed with a VPN. You can also upload a DICOM zip file from the uploader tools section on the website. JPEG/PNG images can be directly uploaded in a Referral, Vchat or Vmail.

  • How do I share an image with a provider outside of my network?

    For a VitalEngine user,  images can be shared via Referral, Vchat, Vmail or VitalPacs. If the provider is not a VitalEngine user, you can share images with a temporary link via email from the VitalPacs tab.

    If you need additional information,  want to request a new feature, or offer valuable feedback, email us at or call 844-466-9432.


It’s Simple to Power Your
Workflows with VitalEngine.


The VitalEngine team makes it easy to get started with our platform. After you complete the sign-up process, we’ll maximize the VitalEngine experience with a customized training session for you and your team. Our first-of-its-kind platform has an intuitive interface understandable by even the most non-technical person. We’ll take this a step further by sharing the tips and how-tos to accelerate your workflows.


Next, we’ll get started with building your electronic referral network. Just give us a list of the healthcare providers in your current referral system, along with physicians you’d like to add for future collaborations. We’ll reach out to sign them up.


Then, we’re on standby for anything you need — questions, concerns, upgrades, or additional training for new team members. You can contact your dedicated account manager directly, send us a note through the platform, or call 844-466-9432.

That’s it. You’ll be on your way to changing how healthcare communicates.

Welcome aboard.

App Updates

The VitalEngine Timeline


VitalEngine wins the Alabama Launchpad Competition


First referral sent in USA in Birmingham, Alabama

Images shared in Australia


App for iPhone and Android released

First referral sent in Australia

VitalEngine implemented in Mississippi


VitalEngine Implemented in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida


Patient App launched

VitalEngine Implemented in Georgia and Louisiana


VitalEngine Implemented in Texas

Adopted by Alabama’s rural healthcare providers, courtesy of grant from Cares Act approved by Governor


Telemedicine feature launched

VitalEngine Implemented in Arkansas