A Game-Changer For Healthcare Providers.

Communicate easier. Collaborate better. Accelerate care.


VitalEngine is the most comprehensive healthcare collaboration platform.

All the tools you need, all in one place, with one login. Access by phone, tablet, and computer.

Quickly exchange medical images and records.

Securely transmit patient data in minutes with our HIPAA-compliant platform. View crucial information, including CT scans, echocardiogram, or MRIs in real-time from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

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Transform your referral process.

Build your own electronic network. Initiate or receive patient referrals, complete with patient records and images. PCPs and specialists stay connected for every stage of patient care.

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Collaborate faster.

Confer with colleagues anywhere, anytime with HIPAA-compliant chat, call, and email. Set up a virtual care team with a communication archive. Create whiteboards to track complex procedures. Set-up calendars, reminders, and more.

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Simplify telemedicine.

Our platform recreates the office experience, allowing you to traverse a virtual hallway with patient information attached to each door. Patients access appointments from a link sent by digital message. With one click, they are connected to a virtual waiting room.

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Doctor-tested. Doctor-approved.

Join our growing network of healthcare providers accelerating patient care with VitalEngine.

Problems Solved

An all-in-one solution for all your
communication problems.

01 Problem
"I confer with practices still faxing patient records."
Solution Our integrated VFax server can receive and archive faxed referral information. View All Solutions
02 Problem
"I worry about keeping our patients’ healthcare data safe."
Solution VitalEngine is HIPAA-compliant, with layers of security protecting sensitive information. View All Solutions
03 Problem
"Logging in and out of different software all day is annoying."
Solution With VitalEngine, one login accesses all the tools you need, all in one place. View All Solutions
04 Problem
"My patients don’t understand how to access telemedicine."
Solution Our Telemedicine feature enables patients to access appointments via a digital link that connects to our virtual waiting room. No download needed. View All Solutions
05 Problem
"Keeping up with the workflow of complex procedures for every patient is challenging."
Solution Set up a customized workflow for every patient with Whiteboards and visually track each step. View All Solutions
06 Problem
"I’m left out of the loop when I refer patients to a specialist."
Solution From Primacy Care to sub-specialists, physicians can stay connected through a patient’s journey with Referral Manager. View All Solutions
07 Problem
"We have difficulty getting timely access to medical images."
Solution Medical imagery can be quickly and securely transmitted from any provider by VMail, VChat, and archived in VDrive. View All Solutions
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Who We Are

Created by physicians, inspired by frustration.

As practicing physicians, we struggled with slow, incomplete, and often inefficient communication. While hospitals and clinics have tried to address these problems by digitizing data, disparate systems made it nearly impossible to take advantage of the technology.

And so, we created VitalEngine, the first-of-its-kind software designed to eliminate the chronic communication issues that disrupt patient care. Cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant, and user-friendly, it offers a simple solution to complex processes. VitalEngine has completely transformed the way we work, and it will do the same for you.

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